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26 April 2009 @ 10:26 pm
[Cut to: Bone’s apartment. Bones walks in and Booth enters behind her.]

Bones: Romano didn’t give us anything so I should probably be back at the lab.

Booth: No you’re squints can handle it. You haven’t slept in over a day, Alright? You need to get some rest. I’ll sleep on the couch.

Bones: You think you’re staying here with me?

Booth: Yeah. Nice place by the way Bones.

Bones: No, I’m locked in here, Booth. I’ll be fine.

Booth: Okay look I want you to stay away from your windows too, okay? A sniper has a clear shot from any of these surrounding buildings.

Bones: I could have just stayed at the lab. The security is tight there.

Booth: Then you would have worked. You would have gotten tired and you would have been more vulnerable when you did go out. Trust me this is the best, alright? So where’s the TV?

Bones: I had one but it broke. I’m…I mostly just read and listen to music.

Booth: So let’s listen to some music. Huh?

(Booth walks over to her stereo and begins to look through the CD holders for something to listen to.)

Booth: Music, what do we got, Bones? Wow world music. Uh, there’s a shock. (picks up a CD) Tibetan throat singers. Rock on, Bones.

Bones: That’s mostly for work so…

(Booth moves over to the other CD holder and starts browsing through it.)

Booth: Kayne West, Captain Power…uh, oh whoa, alright. Look at this man, lots of jazz. Wow I think all that free form stuff can be a little bit too unpredictable for me.

Bones: No, I love it. The artist has to live within a set tonal structure and trust his own instincts to find his way out of an infinite maze of musical possibilities and the great ones do. (Booth looks at her with a smile.) What?

Booth: Oh nothing, I just…I just never expected that you would. You know.

Bones: That I would love music? Well I don’t usually get to talk about it but since you brought it up I thought…

Booth: No, hey. I didn’t mean to make you feel self conscious or….(sees a CD lying in front of her stereo) Whoa, what’s this? Ha.

Bones: What is it?

Booth: Nice.

Bones: Booth.

(He plays the CD and it’s the song Hot Blooded by Foreigner.)

Bones: Uh, how did that get there?

Booth: Oh please everybody loves Foreigner.

(Booth starts to bob his head to the music.)

Booth: Hot Blooded? Talk about a guilty pleasure. Check it baby.

(Booth starts to sing and play air guitar to the music. Bones stares at him for a minute then smiles. She starts to join him by singing and pretending to play guitar too. After a few minutes Bone’s phone rings and she runs to pick it up. Booth doesn’t turn down the music. He just keeps dancing and singing.)

Bones: Brennan. David, Hi. I’m fine thanks. Booth, yeah. I’m still under lock down until we solve these crimes. Yes, Foreigner. Okay I’ll. Okay sure. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Okay thanks for calling. Bye.

(Bones hangs up the phone and walks over to Booth. He stops dancing and looks at her for a moment.)

Booth: Wait, I hope you didn’t think.

Bones: No.

Booth: No cause I …I wouldn’t want to uh, you know ruin things for you, ruin anything.

Bones: Not a problem.

Booth: Hey you got a soda, some juice?

(They both laugh)

Bones: Yeah in my fridge. I’ll get it.

Booth: No, no, no. You know what? I’m...I’m not your guest. You don’t have to wait on me. I’ll get it. Wait, do you want anything?

Bones: That’s okay.

(Booth goes over to the refrigerator)

Bones: Oh, there are uh glasses in the cupboard to the right of the fridge.
16 April 2009 @ 12:02 am
Your name/crazy Internet handle/whatever: Imp
Personal journal: Impulsiveninja
Email: impulsiveninja@gmail.com
Characters played (if applicable): N/A

Character name: Duo Maxwell
Genre (TV/books/etc): Anime
Fandom: Gundam Wing

Canon point: AU, midway, Pre OZ training

Programmed Possession: The Gundam Deathscythe, shut down by Taxon. Duo cannot move it, he cannot use it. It is pretty much just a big metal, nearly indestructible statue, and the only way to get in or out is manually.

Abilities/Weaknesses: He is an excellent mecha and air craft pilot, relying heavily on his surprisingly quick reflexes and strong focus. The time spent with the Sweepers Organization granted Duo mechanical and salvaging skills. He can get almost any vehicle running in short order, if not perfectly, then enough to get the job done. Duo is often underestimated due to his generally cheerful attitude and lean figure, a misconception he often uses to his advantage to gain the element of surprise.
He is surprisingly intelligent despite his rough exterior, and he learns fast, through sharp observational skills, he is able to learn and figure things out that most people wouldn't expect him able to do. Through his time with the Maguanaks, his skills with a gun were honed to that of an expert marksman, and trained for more severe conditions. Due to a lack of an up bringing, Duo 's education is fractured, Duo having only focused on learning practical skills. His lack of an education gives him a distinct disadvantage when it comes to. He can be very obnoxious in times off work, and can be very difficult to deal with for those who tend to take things seriously. During the assault on the Singapore base, he was shot in the right arm, resulting in a fracture of the humorous and thus weakened, likewise, he'd suffered a few blows to the stomach and ribs during his time leaving him with a sensitive area in his stomach and lower rib region.
Psychology/Personality: He's laid back, outgoing, pretty much to a fault sometimes, as his quirky attitude can get on some folk's nerves. It's his job he takes most seriously, even brutally if the mood strikes him. He is described as moody, letting his temper flair or cheering himself up at the drop of a hat. Sometimes, though completely serious, he seems like he enjoys his work too much, taking more amusement or joy out of the task of destroying military bases and defeating his enemies than he should. He has a serious case of survivor's guilt and is very jaded, often times speaking as if he knows better, even going as far as patronizing in a way. Because of all those people he loved always dying, he almost insists on keeping people he's close to at an arms length, even if he's attracted to them, he'd likely not dive into a relationship with out knowing for damn sure they'd be safe being with him. He very protective of those he's close to, fearful of their own mortality, less his own, he'll go to great lengths to ensure their safety even if it risks his own life. He is expendable if it means saving the lives of his friends and innocent people. On the other hand, he has no death wish, so he's willing to run and hide instead of standing in the line of fire like the idiot hero would.
History:Duo was born in the year After Colony 180. Early in life, but likely after he'd grown to the age of two or three, he lost his parents and was taken in by a group of orphans. Little is known about his life during these years but it was here he learned how to run and steal to survive and he soon became the right hand to the leader of the group, Solo. Some time later, the Colony they lived on came under infection of a terrible virus, the cure, of which, was limited to those who could afford it. Solo was one of those who fell ill, and other orphans soon after. Duo, who did not get sick took things into his own hands to sneak into the hospital to steal vials medicine to cure the disease, however, when he arrived back to the run down shack the gang called home, Solo was nearly dead, and the cure was too late to do any good. It was then that he chose his name, Duo, in honor of his fallen friend. He also took the position of leader in the gang.

After a reckless attempt to steal food from an Alliance military warehouse in AC 187, Duo and some other orphans were captured and taken to a church to be cared for by Father Maxwell and Sister Helen at the Maxwell Church. It is there that Sister Helen teaches him how to braid his long hair due to his insistence of keeping it, and he adopted it as a routine. Duo was sent to foster care but was always sent back to the church, so he remained there until AC 188.

Later that year, a rebel group, opposing alliance control took refuge in the church after a battle. Father Maxwell protested their violence in favor of more peace minded methods. For his speaking out, the rebel's struck him down and accused him and Sister Helen of being Alliance spies. Hoping to appease them, Duo rushed off and stole a mobile suit in exchange for the rebel's leaving the church. Upon his return, he found the church in ruin, having been attacked by the alliance in his absence. After finding Sister Helen in the ruins, she tells him he has gods blessing, then dies in his arms. The Maxwell Church Tragedy, as the incident came to be known, resulted in the death of 245 people, with Duo as the sole surviver. This, in no small part, was a cause of Duo's severe case of survivor's guilt. Following the massacre, Duo was imprisoned by the alliance for an unspecified amount of time between AC 188 and 192 when Duo was found stowing away in a sweepers ship where he meets Professor G, the designer of the Gundam Deathscythe. Duo was allowed to stay, because of the fact that he managed to sneak past G's security system. He impressed the doctor and became involved in Operation Meteor. Thus, he becomes trained to be the pilot of the Gundam.

Duo landed on earth in April of 195, attacking OZ bases in the American west coast. He then crossed the Pacific ocean towards Japan, where a alliance salvage operation took place. He interfered and destroyed both the alliance fleet and the OZ mobile suits, discovering another gundam in the process, which he claimed as his own. He devises an engine to pull both gundams to the surface and shore of the water, while he meets them at the nearby Alliance Marina, where he encounters Heero Yuy with a gun to Relena Darlian's head. He interferes, but his actions leave both gundams at the bottom of the ocean and Heero captured by the Alliance. Duo assists in Heero's escape and leads him away to a ship run by the Sweeper organization, of which he belonged to. Heero used Duo's gundam to fix his own and parted ways, leaving Duo a little more than irritated.

Duo encountered and worked with Heero for nearly a month, earning a mutual trust between them as they go into battle at New Edwards, and go to school together until a mission in Siberia, which changes everything.

[AU History starts here.]

Heero and Duo part ways for Siberia, due to OZ's plan to transport new and dangerous weapons to space via two routes, land or air. Duo's gundam could not fly, so he chose to go the ground, train route. There, Duo met and joined forces with Quatre, who he had only seen briefly at New Edwards when the four had failed miserably and caused the death of all the nations political pacifists. While they had their hands full with a train full of enemy mobile weapons, Heero was confronted with Zechs Merquise to do battle. All the while, OZ support was preparing an attack on the space colonies where the gundam pilots hailed from. At the announcements to launch an assault on the colonies, the gundams stopped, but the battle between Zechs and Heero raged on. A rebutting surrender, but Doctor J, Heero's mentor, caused the youth to step out, but at the order of Doctor J, the youth self destructed, leaving the boy unconscious and barely alive on the ground.

OZ captured Heero, and soon later tracked Trowa down, and confiscated the gundam Heavyarms, Trowa only narrowly escaping. A month later, Shenlong, belonging to Wufei Chang was also taken by OZ. It wasn't until Duo, who had been taking refuge at a safe house with Quatre, did the last two gundams fall. They planned to return to space using the Singapore Space port base, but they didn't count on the extreme force when they arrived. The battle left Quatre unconscious and Duo fleeing for backup. Quatre was held for questioning until Duo arrived with the Maguanak Corp, the Middle eastern front line soldiers, loyal to the Winner family.

Duo's gundam failed on him, and he had to abandon the fight on foot to make it to the base on foot to save Quatre, leaving the Maguanaks to take the front and cover him. He made it in, all the way to Quatre's holding cell. It didn't take long to release him, but they were confronted by soldiers on their way out, leading Duo to take a bullet for Quatre. So they retreated, the Maguanaks lost 20 soldiers to OZ, either dead or captured and later executed.

Duo and Quatre went with the leader of the Maguanaks to Morocco, spending the next year and a half in exile. It wasn't until the rumors that OZ was developing the gundams they had retrieved into a fighting unit that hope began to stir again among the rebel groups. It took some talking, but Duo was eventually selected as the candidate to take on the dangerous mission of infiltrating OZ with hopes of being selected to pilot the suits as a soldier.

Quatre had deep seated issues with his personal failure that had been unresolved in the past year, and Duo felt he could do very little but promise his return. They made a blood brother pact, and Duo cut his long, braided hair with the knife they had used before saying his final farewell, till they would meet again. Off to Washington State, where they were very certain the Gundams Sandrock and Deathscythe were being held, or so he thought.

First Person Sample:

Yeah. Right. Hey man, you can't just waltz right in here and expect me to do do you all these favors. Just ain't done. So what, do you want? What do I get out of it? Nothing, right? I should do it out of the goodness of my heart? Because it's the right thing to do? Or do it because you got a stake in it? You tell me who's involved, what's at stake, then we'll talk about it, alright?

Third Person Sample:

Whoever said you could hit the ground running was an idiot. Duo Maxwell wasn't running all that fast, but he'd somehow misplaced his feet, and tripped himself. Not the gravel road he was jogging on, hitchhiking, but a metal platform. Lightly dazed, he pulled himself to his feet, uttering a few select phrases under breath and looked around. Didn't really phase him much, beyond the fact it was very unfamiliar, but the technology looked very close to what he was used to. First thing he thought? OZ. Military. He'd been captured.

That couldn't be right. OZ was spread thinly in rural areas, and unless he was spotted at the ship port back at shore, it was highly unlikely. Duo breathed a sigh of relief as he ruled that out, running a hand through his hair. “What the heck-” he murmured, spotting the band around his wrist. He spent a good minute meticulously trying to pull the thing off, and it freaked him the hell out that he couldn't being fused to his flesh as it was. He clenched his hand into a fist and looked up towards the ceiling, his brows knit, teeth grating.

“You guys think this is funny?!” he yelled, waiting for a response from whomever was in charge. Receiving none, he took a deep, shaken breath and turned his attention to the pedestal next to where he fell. A phone? He picked it up and tinkered with it, flipping it open and taking a gander at it. “Huh.” Guess it was for him, but god forbid they just go ahead and tell him these things.
01 March 2009 @ 09:16 pm
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